Doctor Who 2016 and The Top 3 Christmas Specials

Doctor Who is a great show about an alien that travels through time and space with his human companion. There are many Specials but for this article I’m talking about the Christmas specials. Here is a list of the top three Doctor Who Christmas specials so far.

Here’s the 2016 preview!

Number three is The Voyage of the Damned. It is an episode that Clara (The doctor’s companion) and the Doctor go on a space titanic and they are with many species of aliens that are going to go down and observe what people are like on earth during the Holidays. The story takes a turn when the robots that are providing information start attacking the ship and there is a meteor shower that hit the ship and in the end we find out the owner of the ship was planning something dreadful in his robot that is providing life support because he is just a head. This episode is a fairly good one because of the evil robot cliche that seems to always happen with the Doctor.

Number two is River Song’s Husband. It is a story about a evil king need surgery to remove the universe’s most expensive gem lodged in his head and the Doctor winds up to be the surgeon on accident and the king’s “wife”wants to kill the king and sell it to some people for a ton of Credits (the money in every other planet) who turns out to be river song. Near the end the Doctor marries River and they spend one night on this alien planet (which is 24 years). This episode really touched my heart because of how they were at each others throats earlier on in the series.

Number one is The Snowmen. This episode is about an alien snow-like substance has taken over the mind of a rich man since he was a kid and now they are planning on world domination. The Doctor meet Clara for the first time and they have to save the world before the alien snow finds a copy of human DNA in ice (the old governess that fell into a pond that froze over her). This episode is very dramatic and it is sad that in the end Clara dies but then comes back many years later.
These episodes are really great and I highly recommend for you and your kids (if you want) to watch it. I loved these episodes and I hope there will be episode just as great in the future. These were the top three Doctor Who Christmas episodes.

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