X-files Top 10 Episodes

X-files Top 10 Episodes

X-files is a show from the 90’s it is about government conspiracies and all things unsolved by the FBI (such as aliens, monsters and more). This is a show I highly recommend for you to watch because it makes you think. They did just start the new X-files series, but I think the original show is the best. Here is what the X-files is about and my recommendation.

X-files is a show about government conspiracies and it has a lot of the Sci-fi element. Every episode is about either a monster or a supernatural force and the main character (Fox Mulder) and his partner (Dana Scully) are from the FBI but they investigate things that are supernatural. There is always something interesting every episode it is rare for a episode to be boring. Sometimes the show goes on for more episode about one creature or event. This show is amazing for you if you love Sci-fi.

I think the X-files is a great show and I highly recommend you to watch it. There is a huge variety of enemies in the X-files from monsters to humans with special abilities, they all are unique and they are pretty cool. Sadly at least one person dies in each episode and it is a bit violent. This is a great show and you really should watch it.

This show is okay-ish to let your family watch it it. There is a lot of violence and moments of creepiness in the show that kids probably wouldn’t like, but it is perfect for adults. There is a bit of cursing in the show so you might want to watch out for that. Finally it is full of mystery so you should be careful not to be caught on the cliff-hanger because you might lose sleep. This show maybe isn’t the best to show to your family but it is great for adults.

This video shows the top 10 episodes (according to them). And they are pretty dead on. You can see how bizarre and spooky some of these can be and how they captured the world’s attention for years and years. Actually, they started so long ago that they didn’t have cell phones when the series began, making you comment today how easily things could have gone different with that little piece of technology being so prevalent today. Still, if you suspend that little bit of disbelief, you can easily be thrilled by any of these top 10 episodes.

The only thing about watch the series (as with all tv shows) is the cliffhangers. Being able to watch them all at once nowadays, back to back, makes that easier to bear, but still. Switching from one episode to the next, you find yourself moving from either one of two of the major story lines that the x-files had. And that was either the government conspiracy ones (usually involving aliens), to the “monster/unexplained/psychic phenomenon” ones. So this does slow down the story line a bit of trying to figure out what the heck is going on and to get an answer. But that answer never comes, and that’s not just by television design, but in real life too. We never will know the answers to what is going on with all of these hidden things the government or our own minds don’t want us to really know and fully understand.

The X-files is an amazing show and I highly recommend it for you to watch. There is a huge variety in every episode there are many twists and mysteries, these factors make it an amazing show. If you have any Questions about the X-files please contact me.

Game of Thrones on cable

Interested in the game of thrones? Want to see it on cable?

I actually held off watching it for years, wondering what all the sensation was being more of a movie person than a tv person. I finally gave in to check it out. First off, the very first episode is an incredible attention getter to say the least! All set in medieval times, naturally, I feel you could sum it up with the words: blood, sex and royalty (or should I say adultry?). Get used to brother scenes of topless women, beheadings, and all the dealings of conspiracy in the royal politics of it all.

After the initial shocking first episode to get you all riled up, a story develops. Actually as you watch over the season, with any weekly show, there are multiple stories to follow. Which gives you a whole slew of characters to get to know as well. But don’t hang onto your favorite one too long, because more often than not, they will end up dead sooner than later. That’s actually my only pet peeve, is that the story line keeps changing, never ending, but that’s how serial television goes.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a popular video summing things up for one of the seasons. Here’s an adult version recap from Samuel L. Jackson

He sums the first 4 seasons up very well, and gives you the various plots, fills you in on “winter is coming” and gives you a great idea of what’s to come next.

To summarize, there’s the Iron Throne, which is a throne built out of 1,000 swords at the capital city of the land. One king rules here. But there are more city’s (or kingdom’s) with kinds ruling each of those. Basically, it’s a power play between 5 kings that want to rule the all the lands.

Let’s not forget the White Walkers who are a frozen army of the undead, the Wildings which are people who live north of the great wall, and the Nightwatch on the wall itself. This is a 300′ tall wall to protect the southern lands.

You can already tell how crazy this gets, right? So if you can get over the fact that from one season to another the “main” story will change as royalty and key characters come and go (i.e. get killed off), then you’re in for one crazy ride. It’s a look into the nasty underbelly of life in medieval times with all the deals, spying, backstabbing… pretty much just like politics of today.

If you’re starting from scratch, remember the first few episodes are there for shock value. After them, you begin to get into the plot of season one. Then those who survive continue into season 2, 3 and so on. Where you saw a character introduced and where they end up if they’re still alive a season or two later is amazing to see the difference. What once was, isn’t anymore. Just like life, the only constant in this universe and life is that change will come.

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